Pillow, Crown Her Royal Highness HRH Baby Girl Gift


Do you have a little "Princess" in your life? Or, are you looking for a special baby gift?
These little pillows (6 inches x 7 inches) with Pink Satin ribbon are made as decor for the baby's room. You can hang the pillow on the crib, or on any door knob to let everyone know that your precious little one is sleeping. (You can also hang it on your front door knob to deter anyone from ringing your doorbell or knocking too loudly and waking your sleeping baby! That was always a pet peeve of mine when my son was a baby.) The pillow is made from 100 % Cotton in an off- white color. I designed the lettering using an old English style font. The crowns I use vary and are illustrations of French and English Crowns that I found in a book from the 1800's.

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