Checkbook Cover Clear Vinyl Paris France


I love Paris. And all things French; Croissants, French Cheese, French Bread, the Eiffel Tower....
and "Les Miserables". Love that movie!

Each Checkbook Cover that I make is its own unique work of art.
The Checkbook Cover is made with thick quality 12 gauge clear vinyl.
I use a thick beautifully printed and decorative 110# card stock which is embellished, layered and then carefully inserted into the vinyl cover for style and creativity.
No two covers are made alike.
When your friends ask you where did you get such a cool Checkbook Cover, say
"it's from Aspen and made by Cyndy Love".

Open 6 3/8 “ by 6 5/8”
Folded 3 3/8” by 6 3/8”

The Clear Vinyl Cover is made for top tear checks and has a flap that will accommodate duplicate or singe check books.

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