Jacket Fleece Pullover Black Red KidsBerber Soft Pullover Size 2T

$24.99 $45

This is a soft and comfy pullover with a generous neckline that makes it easier to slip over your little ones head.
It is made from the highest quality of super soft and durable polyester berber fleece. Machine washable and does not shrink.
This fabric is made to last and you will be able to pass this one down to a sibling, friend or relative.
I only have 1 left in this pullover and this print is no longer being manufactured. It is a generous size 2T which will fit an average sized 2-3 year old.
I am offering them at a special price to my customers.
It normally retails for $45.00 but I am pricing it at only $24.99.
It's the last one!

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